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Re: Suri Cruise sure looks like her dad! See pic...

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I always thought it was strange when Nicole accepted her Academy Award and mentioned her children with Keith Urban, but not her two with Tom. At the time I thought "how insensitive - what mother would do that?" Then I read that she is not allowed to contact them or mention them at all. I imagine Tom is not allowed to acknowledge Suri. I thought he did see her when they were newly divorced, but maybe not.


That cult is a strange one. But a lot of Hollywood actors are involved: John Travolta and Kelly Preston of course, Elisabeth Moss, Anne Archer - whose son is one of the highest of the high, Kirstie Alley - I wonder if the church allows her to see her children, and Laura Prepon are some of them. 


I also read that Katie was not allowed to publically disclose a relationship after she divorced for a number of years, according to their settlement. 


I too think Suri looks like Tom. What a shame if he can't see her. I wonder if his sisters can - if they're not involved with this cult. 




Okay, that's just a little too weird .... how do you believe this to be true?    What would be the point?    So Tom appears like a "hard to replace" guy to his fans?   

  From what I understand, it was written into their divorce decree that she not PUBLICLY date anyone for 5 years after the divorce.



Oliver Hudson has a new show! He probably figured he'd better mend fences ASAP.


I love Goldie Hawn but I have read she alienated the kids from their father.

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Re: Suri Cruise sure looks like her dad! See pic...


Chris Klein.....former BF of Katie...ummmmm?

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Re: Suri Cruise sure looks like her dad! See pic...

Tom did see Suri during the first few years after the divorce.   I remember he even rented a castle (Sleeping Beauty? Cinderella?) at one of the Disneylands so Suri could sleep in the princess bedroom for her birthday.

It seems hard to believe he still sees her and is able to keep it private. 


Tom did get custody of the kids from his first marriage to Nicol because of Scientology power and threats.   He and the Scientology "church" alienated those kids from Nicole.   I can't imagine her heartache over that.  

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