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Re: Superstition: Shoes on the Table

@RedTop wrote:

My maternal grandmother was very superstitious.  After growing up listening to her warnings over and over, I was determined to forget all of them as an adult.  The only one I do remember well was the bad luck one.  My grandmother had very long, thick hair, which she braided tightly and wrapped around her head.  Once a week she took her hair down, brushed it, washed it, air dried it, braided and wrapped it back up again----I rarely saw my grandmother with her hair down.  As soon as she was done, she removed all the loose hair from her comb and brush, balled it up, took it outside and used a small shovel to dig a hole and bury it----to ward off bad luck.  Her mother and aunts had done this as well, so to her, it was just the thing to do.  Once the grandchildren were old enough, we were given the job of burying Mamaw's hair to prevent her from having bad luck!   This finally stopped in the early 70's, when medication caused Mamaw's hair to break off severely enough that she had to cut her hair very short.  Mamaw was a devout Methodist and taught Sunday School for many years, but even with her very strong faith in God, she did believe in superstitions.  

Did we have the same Mamaw?

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Re: Superstition: Shoes on the Table

How about it is bad luck to open an umbrella up in the house, or never kill a cricket in the house, carry it outside.


One I just heard of recently, do not whistle at night.

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Re: Superstition: Shoes on the Table

Yes, I remember that superstition, no shoes on the table, bad luck!  



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Re: Superstition: Shoes on the Table

Also if you gave a person a sharp object they had to give you a penny to stop evil.

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