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@Kachina624 wrote:

Just saw one of the dumbest commercials ever.  Three people at a der Wienerschnitzel counter ordering hot dogs.  As they order, they're in such a stage of delight, their (pony) tails are wagging.  The whole thing is awkward.

@Kachina624     Years ago, I slipped and fell on a discarded wrapper outside a DW........fell head first into a cement planter.   Ended up with plastic surgery and 124 stitches in my face.   (The surgeon was good.....I only have one crooked, scarred eyebrow.....and BAD MEMORIES!)   di

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Thankfully I am not familiar with any of the commercials mentioned here.

I despise them and immediately mute the TV during commercial break, so at least I am spared the dialogue.  

Also, anyone notice how the volume goes up during commercials? Super annoying, therefore the muting. 

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@santorini wrote:

I don't know if Popeye's chicken is a national brand so maybe this is not played everywhere but one that drives me nuts is one from that company.  People are reacting to the chicken sandwich.  One lady is in a car with her eyes closed and with her mouth full, says "I'm experiencing some things right now."   I miss the normal commercials.  Oh who am I kidding.  I hate commercials, but especially the strange ones.

I agree wholeheartedly. It's a cringy part of the commercial, ew

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@rms1954 Haven't seen that one yet, but eeeeewwwwwwwww! Not a big fan of BK anyway, and now even less of a fan

How about the commercial for gum (not sure which brand cuz I switch it so fast) where the guy sprouts peacock feathers and does a little dance. Stooooopid!


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I haven't seen that one, but commercials in general are really annoying me more than they used to.  I never used to mute any commercial (except the one years ago with Jennifer Hudson singing!), but now I am muting so many.  I guess because I'm sitting here watching so much more television and I'm seeing them more than ever. 

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Re: Super Stupid commercial

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I miss ours so much.  It opened in 1968 across the street from one of our colleges.and I still remember Mom taking us on opening day to meet that Hot Dog.  The business went up for sale in 2000 and one of my friends from school had just retired from the Navy so he bought it.  He was so afraid our icon would be sold and turned into something else. 

Unfortunately, Bruce passed away a couple of years ago and his wife less than 30 days later.  The children did not want to keep it.  A Dr. who grew up in our town bought it but tried to make it a "gourmet" hot dog stand instead of the original.  It did not fly especially being across from the college.  Now it is being demolished and a tea shop is being built.  Not coffee but just tea.  We will see if the high school students like myself (we would race all the way across town during a 30 min. lunch to eat there) and then as college students give the tea shop the same amount of business as the Original D.W.

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Re: Super Stupid commercial

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@beckyb1012    LoL.  I have a feeling the tea shop won't fly

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