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Re: Super Saturday line up

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I bought these last week.  They were gone shortly after I ordered them.


4 Vera Bradley bags, 2 all black and 2 black with red and pink flowers. 

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They post stuff all week and if you dont know when its sold out before you even know about it. They should do like they use to and present it live. IMO it was a very bad show because everything presented came with the presenter and the tagline "sorry irs already sold out". I wanted the Oryany backpack but it was listed and gone with the blink of an eye.
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The day served its seemed as though they raised a good amount of money for a good cause. 

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No Hamptons next year ... already announced will be coming from some venue in CA next year ... they seemed excited about it ...

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The California venue is in Santa Monica.
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 It's a great cause; I'd rather just make a contribution and call it a day.  

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Laura Geller's Garden Party kit caught my eye, however the $59.50 price seemed high. Sure enough, I caught the presentation and the price sticker on the box clearly read $49. Hmpf.