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Re: Sunny day, met my BF for lunch, do you get together..

i really don't have any friends who are close. so don't meet up with anyone.


hard to explain as to why really no close friends. dh is retired military so we were constantly in flux moving,setting down roots here=there- everywhere. i would love to get mixed in with military families again, but we don't live near a base.


i know people just no one who had a life like i have lived over the past 50 years.

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Re: Sunny day, met my BF for lunch, do you get together..

  • 4 friends I've known for 40 years meet once a month and catch up. We're all different but care about one another. It's been a tough year for husbands in this group. 1 divorce, 2 major surgeries and 1 struggling with depresion. So, we also text and email in between our monthly dinner gathering.
  • 2 friends and I meet monthly for coffee or spin class. We call it our triad meeting. We played softball together for years. We talk and laugh about everything and the support is tremendous. BTW, our spin class is at Spin Pizza and we wear comfy clothes. Ha
  • I got the idea for groups while at a restaurant observing a red hat club mingle while my sis droned on in negative ways. Love my sis, but she's a Negative Nellie.  
  • I meet a friend once a month for coffee. We worked together and have so much in common. She retired so we keep in touch. She lives 20 miles west of work and I live 20 miles east of work.
  • I noticed on Facebook my large, high school class meets for Taco Tuesday each week. I haven't attended. I couldn't wait to leave high school and I haven't looked back. I may visit someday but there's so many people I don't remember. We'll see.
  • My dearest friend moved 400 miles south. We call, text and email. I see her when she visits her mom and I fly down once a year. 
  • Attend big church for (8 years) and have zero connections. Not sure if I need to look around or try a little harder. So weird. 
  • Our HOA meets for lunch and bookclub once a month. I may join them when I retire, but no burning desire to do this. They're good people. 
  • I think you have to be in the mood for people-ing and have your resources nearby. Not always easy to pull this off but forming a lunch, dinner or coffee group takes little effort and was easier than I thought. 
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