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Whoever dreamed up the new "Sunday Best" program should be beaten with a wet noodle 100 times. What a horrid idea for Sunday morning programming. It takes up nearly half the morning and then we're subjected to David eating his way through 2 or 3 more hours, which is way too much food/cooking IMO. Not too long ago, when I'd get up early to make Sunday breakfast there might have been a silver show, a Joan Rivers show, or some kind of a fashion hour, which I enjoyed watching while having breakfast. Now, it's steam mops, vacuums, beds, electronics, and all of the other things I hate to watch. Sure, I know some people like that stuff, but why not have balanced programming? Some will undoubtedly say "turn the channel," which I certainly do. I quickly turned to the Sunday news shows. They are at least more interesting. Several of my friends completely agree on this. Come on, QVC, you're losing viewers!

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