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Re: Suggestions for digital camera $250.

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Went to Sam's for passport photo and the lady used the Nikon Coolpix S2900. I thought that was interesting.  I was really considering the canon power shot elph 350/360 HS. My iPad  2nd generation model 1395/ serial F8QP204MDFHY does not have SD slot. Really confused about what to do and other options. Any suggestions appreciated. TIA. Southern Bee.

If you have a real camera store in your area, go there, see and hold the cameras and see how they work, and have them take and print out a few snapshots in the store.  YOu don't have to buy there but you may be surprised at the prices, or find a good camera on sale.  The people there are usually happy to show the cameras and help you decide.



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Re: Suggestions for digital camera $250.

 @Sooner: Great information but our area camera shops have closed. Thanks. SouthernBee