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Yikes, @CherryHugs. I think the Wal Mart stores in my area are requiring workers to wear masks. Last time I went, all employees were wearing them. 

I did wear a mask and went into Hobby Lobby yesterday. I wanted to get my daughter in law a gift card. The workers were wearing masks. There were just a handful of shoppers. Most were not wearing masks. One couple about my age were, and I was. As I was leaving a young lady with a little girl, maybe 8 or 10 came bebopping in, neither wearing a mask. 

Hobby Lobby did have a line of the floor of where we needed to stop to wait for person checking out in front of us. 

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Re: Stores Now in Your Area

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When I've been shopping, most of the shoppers I've seen are wearing masks. They're required here, but I haven't seen anyone without a mask confronted by staff anywhere, including Wegmans.


As for the stock, the early logistics issues regarding TP and other paper products appear to have been resolved; stores are now well-stocked, with many brands available. Pasta, once hard to find, has been available. I see more hand sanitizer on the shelves, but it's not consistent.



Someone here mentioned being unable to find anti-bacterial soap in pump dispensers. That's abundant here, and in every store. I know that because I don't use that lol--In addition to bar soap, I get regular pump soap for our  bathroom and powder rooms, and I've noticed that they've disappeared from the shelves.


I haven't seen spray disinfectant cleaners at grocery or big box stores for weeks.They can be found, however,  at stores such as Big Lots and Dollar General, at least around here.


Rice (long grain, regular) is very hard to come by. We eat a lot of rice. When I first noticed shortages of my preferred Wegmans brand, I got their more expensive organic line. When even that disappeared, I relented and got a 10-lb bag, now split between 2 large glass containers.


Wegmans Canned Great Northern Beans--sold out since the beginning of this. This is the brand I use in soups. Goya has been a good substitute.


Muenster cheese is nowhere to be found.


Oh, and forget this:




I needed this for a casserole, and the only gaping hole in the Tostitos line of many varieties was for their Salsa Con Queso. Is everyone making nachos lol? All Tops, Wegmans....gas stations where I'd seen it in the past lol...were out of it. I finally found it at one Big Lots--the only one of those I visited which still had a few jars. I guess I'll have to add this to our stock-up items this fall/winter.


If anyone needs isopropyl alcohol as part of a first aid kit, or to swab skin at p r i c k sites (diabetics, for example), good luck to them. Weeks ago, I overheard a woman whose husband was having surgery asking for some type of special OTC pre-op soap (doctors don't provide this?), which she couldn't find. The pharmacist said they were all out and didn't know if or when they'd get more. 


I think I'll have to continue to "monitor" items which are sparse in this locality, at least for the forseeable future.






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@Moonlady if you need to buy your queso again and have one near try Lidl or Aldi! 


We have done far better at those two stores being able to get what we need.  Our supermarkets still look like the day before a 3 day blizzard hits.