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Re: Stones US No Filter Tour

@Goldie76 wrote:

Saw them in 2005 in a 20,000-seat local arena and flirted with the idea of seeing them this year at the Redskins football field.


Getting in and out of there is wretched and most of the seats are uncovered.  If it is blazing hot on July 3, the performance date, I could not tolerate it.  And if it rains, fuhgeddaboutit!  It was, sadly, a no-go for me.  I require climate control or at least a cover overhead.


I checked today to see if they would be in any covered arenas in the States, and since their last show stateside is in August, I am out of luck.  Will have to cherish that I did see them once.


Oh well, I still have Bruuuuce to look forward to with his new tour coming up in the future.  


My one son was offered a free ticket yesterday because his buddy's wife decided not to go to the July 3 show.  My son decided not to take his friend up on it (he saw the 2005 show with me and my other son).  John Mayer opened that show; I did not know who he was.    


naturalfan, have a wonderful time!  How could you not, right?  The show is at Soldier Field, correct?  (Told you I was checking their tour.) 


The Stones will be at the Superdome in New Orleans on July 14. That’s indoors and air conditioned. Personally, I was always a Beatles fan, so not tempted myself. 

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Re: Stones US No Filter Tour

The first time I saw the Stones I was 14 years old.  You couldn't hear a darn thing for all the screaming girls (and probably boys, too).  I still have the ticket stub in my memory box. 


I saw them again 40 years later.  Much better venue, much more subdued crowd. 

Yes, I still have that ticket stub, too.  LOL


Time flies


Those who will be seeing them during this tour-enjoy.

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Re: Stones US No Filter Tour

@naturalfan - About 15 years ago or so, we were given a last minute gift of front row section seats that night (I think we were row 4 or 5 ). I got on the phone and called every babysitter I could think of - finally found one!


Our seats were on the aisle, right next to the "runway" the "boys" came down sometimes. We could touch them. The only thing is - everyone stood for the entire concert, and because I'm shorter I had trouble seeing. Of course, we couldn't stand like that for the whole concert now! The one thing I remember is how thin Keith looked. Of course he always has and he always will! Smiley Wink


We had an incredible time that night - didn't even get time to eat and didn't care!


Have an amazing time!  Smiley Happy

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Re: Stones US No Filter Tour

We've seen the Stones a couple of times - they NEVER disappoint.


I don't care how old you may be, never think you're too old to jam with these guys. They do a show that's not to be missed.

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Re: Stones US No Filter Tour

@Goldie76  - I too really debated about going to see them at FEDEX field, but it's awful for all the reasons you said.  I've seen them off and on throughout the last 40 years and they are my favorite group.  The last time I saw them, 2015 I think, in Raleigh, I thought that would be the last time they would be touring.   And I've thought that a few times!  

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Re: Stones US No Filter Tour

Couldn’t agree more...I was a huge Beatles fan and looked at most other groups as wannabees....DH is a big Mick fan...but summers here are too blazing hot to be outside....will have to check the tour schedule....
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Re: Stones US No Filter Tour

@lovemygrands wrote:

@blackhole99  What made you determine that they have no business being on stage? Kindly expound, I'm dying to know!

@lovemygrands  I remember the first time I saw them on the Ed Sullivan Show, I thought they were kidding. The guys and their music just did not appeal to me and they didn't gain any points because of their looks either. I wouldn't even date a guy back then who was into the Stones, as you can imagine my husband thinks the Stones are the biggest fraud ever. Again, anyone who enjoys them, more power to you, but they were never my cup of tea.LOL

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Re: Stones US No Filter Tour

I think those who like the Rolling Stones like Rhythym and Blues, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.  


It's the Blues that links all of these guys, to my mind.  If you don't like that sound, the Stones are not for you.  

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Re: Stones US No Filter Tour

I'm on the fence about purchasing tickets, I've seen them before but $1500 for a pair makes me wince, lol.

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Re: Stones US No Filter Tour

@Goldie76   and Bruce is coming next year yahoo!