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Do you have flowers growing in the garden as well?  or is it just a fruit n veggie garden?  At around 10 yrs. old kids do go out xploring in their neighborhoods.  But for him to return to the scene of the crime is what I find most bizarre.  If he was on a bike he's nearby, I think I would have watched where he rode off to.


I remember me and my best friend (as young kids - maybe around that age) noticed flowers growing in the backyard of a neighbor that lived several houses away.  Me and my friend ventured back there and each picked some flowers.  Well the woman saw us and came out of her house and proceeded to confront us and boy did we take off.  We RAN home. 


This woman then came to our street and proceeded to knock on several doors enquiring about 2 young girls who picked her flowers.  We stayed mum (no pun intended).  But I think I learned my lesson there.  Scared us so.


So I don't actually fault the kid as he may not have been the one to pick them, sounds more like the mother may have noticed the fruit growing.  Now if the mother told her son to pick them - thats another story.  Thats definitely wrong.  But kids will be kids.

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Re: Stolen cantaloupes

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I can't even process this if the parent was involved. 




No moral compass.


Some people are trash. 

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Do you know the  mom or see her in the neighborhood?  I would consider saying something to her and her son.

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That's a sorry excuse of a mother. And what a brat of a kid!

Would it do any good to contact authorities?



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I would be so angry if someone did this to me & I definately would take some action .... I would go to the police station & file a report so it’s on record & if you know the name of the “wonderful child” that stole them by trespassing on your property I would include it in the report .... 😱

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Wildlife Camera!

We get great photos of all the creatures who visit.


His Mom would no doubt love to see her darlin’ boy’s picking in your yard.

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@CARMIE:  I hate hearing what happened to your garden.  Your story sounds exactly like one I could write.  I love to garden but have absolutely no need to since there’s only me now.  My garden is small now but makes my heart feel bigger every year as it fills with the wonderful memories I continue to grow with my daughter and my grandchildren.  All the trouble in our lives and the world vanish in the garden and all our secrets remain there. 

As much as we love our time in the dirt nothing prepares us (especially the children) for harvest time.  There is no way to describe the feeling of reaching through those leaves finding the wondrous treasure we have waited so patiently to enjoy!

i don’t know what I would do if someone took this joy from me!?!?

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I would have said oh no you ate those!I just found out those are poison! 🤣

On a serious note I am sorry you have to deal with this family of thieves!🙁

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I can only imagine how badly this kid behaves in class. 

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A child just does not show up at home with 3 cantaloupes and not have the mom ask some questions.  He had to get them from somewhere and she must have wondered what the source might be (unless she knew & just doesn't care).  Did he steal them from a store?  Did he steal them from a neighbor?  Did someone give them to him - then mom needs to know who & thank them.  No matter what - mom had to know something was up.  I am sorry this happened to you.  This is my first year successfully growing tomatoes (only 4 plants) and someone stole some from me.  I was so surprised and disappointed.  I feel your sadness that people would do this to each other.

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