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Stolen cantaloupes

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My daughter and Granddaughter were here last evening.  They water my plants while I am away.  This year, I planted cantaloupes. I got six plants for free in July.


Because they were planted late in the season, we haven't had any to harvest yet, but last night we counted 10 that are quite large and are almost ready. My granddaughter is very excited to pick them. There are many baseball and smaller size ones that will take a while.


I was just outside watering and cutting back the flowers on my basil and chives and removing a few weeds when a boy (maybe about 10 years old ) on a bicycle stopped at the curb and yelled.  " Your cantaloupes taste terrible."


I asked how he knew.  He said he tasted one and his mother had to throw away the rest of them.


I counted my cantaloupes and there were only seven large ones there.  That means either he or someone in his family stole three of them.


My small garden is not that close to the street.  That means someone had to walk in and across my yard and take cantaloupes late last evening.  I can't believe the nerve of some people.


I have strong portable plastic fencing that's 4 ft tall.  I guess I need to install it today.  It's a pain to have to remove a section every time I need to get into the garden, but at least I won't have people taking produce and throwing it away.  


They could have at least waited until the fruit was ripe.  Scheech.

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That's pretty nervey.


They had to know you had contaloupes back there.  They must have been snooping around in your yard.  That would really upset me.

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Re: Stolen cantaloupes

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Isn't someone guilty of trespassing and theft on your property?

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What a horrible way to raise a child. I shudder to imagine what he will get up to ,as he grows, with such a dreadful excuse for a mother

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I think the top of my head would have blown off.  


If you know his mother, or family, would you feel comfortable talking to them about this?


I'm not sure I would report them to the police, but good heavens, just walking into your yard and stealing is a lot of brass.

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Re: Stolen cantaloupes

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That is terrible (and obnoxious).  I would recommend Blink cameras.  We have the outside of our home/driveway and backyard covered.  


ETA - I don't think I would report them to the police (as much as I might want to).

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@CARMIE   Your post made my jaw drop.  It slays me that they even had the nerve to go into your yard and steal them, but to then complain to you that they tasted bad????  I know there are too many people today who think the world owes them a living, but that is way over the top. What a great lesson that mother has taught her child.  I would feel so violated if I were you.

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I have neighbors who had to be told to please not take my beautiful dahlia blooms.  They ended up stealing my plants.




I find such base behavior deplorable and heartbreaking

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The boy might have taken them & didn't tell his mom...I'd find out & make it clear whatever happened better not happen again.

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Unbelievable!  I would do as someone else suggested and install security camera's and let it be known arount the neighborhood that you have been experiencing theft and trespassing, then when you get somone on camera you are going to file charges.  That might stop the low lifes.  


Evidently they or the kid has been trespassing in your yard either at night or when you are not home.  That would upset me more than the theft.

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