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Stocking Stuffers

Do you fill them with junk, essentials, useful items or food? At what age do you stop stuffing the stockings, or do you stop?

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Re: Stocking Stuffers

I used to fill them with a little bit of everything. There was always an orange tucked into the toe, then lots of candy and little gifts. Usually I had a big candy cane sticking out of the top. We filled stockings until the kids were out of school. I know people who fill stockings for adults too. It's just part of their Christmas tradition.

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Re: Stocking Stuffers

.....another 7yr old bumped thread. 


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Re: Stocking Stuffers

Growing up we never had stockings so when I got married that was one of the first things I got. Even our pets have one. 


DH and son get candy, cookies, their annual hunting ornament, gift cards to subway and Starbucks.