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Re: Still two USPS packages missing

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On our local nightly news tonight they did a segment on "where's my package USPS?"


One of the businesses interviewed was a 25 year old gourmet cheesecake bakery who has always shipped "express or priority mail" -- the owner  stated they have lost thousands of dollars (just what small business needs -- more loss) in refunding customers for lost or soured products, shipping costs which USPS does not refund and worse yet lost customers☹️☹️


The owner was truly upset which is understandable.  He stated they'll never use USPS again after these past 5 months and now will have to pass onto customers higher shipping costs -- he feels this will definitely impact his business more!  


I've received one of their turtle cheesecakes absolutely delicious -- such a shame.


Today I received my Christmas present from GD it was mailed from NJ 11/28 priority.  I think it went on a tour of the US before it got here 🤷‍♀️😳🙄 -- so glad it made it🙂🙂🙂


Just a thought: Maybe Amazon should take over USPS afterall he'd increase his billionaire status and we'd get our packages🙂🙂

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Re: Still two USPS packages missing

@AlAnn wrote:

I"ve been waiting for a sweater from QVC.  It stopped moving on December 4th. Tracking today says out for delivery.

I'm sure you'll get it.  I have never lost a package through QVC.  QVC tracks much better then JTV.  QVC is a much bigger company then JTV also.