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Re: Still no Chicken 🐓

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@patbz wrote:

@QVC kitty 1 :  Can you get canned chicken in the interim?

My dog is now eating the canned chicken again  and I am happy .  Smiley Happy 


I began buying Q's chicken for him, because it was healthier than canned for a dog anyway.Even though he ate canned for yrs with no problems.(i cannot get to a store to buy fresh) I mix it with veggies.


But now I'm back to the canned,cause Q couldn't deliver too many times!! My orders were undependable even before the virus.I was ordering 2 orders per month.....EXPENSIVE too


He likes canned and it is easier and cheaper than QVC............


BTW if I were just adding chicken in various recipes I would always use canned...........

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@QVC kitty 1 I will gladly trade you a couple of packs of chicken for a container of Soft Scrub! 

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No problems getting chicken in my small southeastern WI town. I recently also bought a bunch of fresh turkey wings and thighs to freeze.