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Re: Spurtles....Do they stain?

@KBEANS wrote:

Nope, no staining on the silicone set I bought. The silicone did peel off on 1 of them. That was my fault though, as I have a bad habit; I bang the spurtle on the edge of the pan and I damaged it. I may try the wooden ones as I love the spurtle design.  



Just a mention, I went through 2 sets of wooden (acacia & bamboo) spurtles from Q (before they came up w/ the silicone)


ALL started splitting, some in less than a year when they supposedly were covered under warranty (which the company never honored)

The ones I gave my DIL did the same.  No one likes little shreds of wood in their food!


I never put wood anything in the dishwasher.  Always hand wash and dry immediately.

Eventual all trashed.  I have had other wooden spoons for years!  But these I had problems with...just wanted to mention.


I loved the shapes and ideas of spurltes and ordered silicone and have no issues at all.