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Re: Speaking of Paper Towels...

I am noticing items like Lysol/Clorox wipes are nowhere.

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Re: Speaking of Paper Towels...

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I bought dollar general paper towels when no bounty or viva were available. They are better than NOTHING, but they were premium also and so, so thin.  I do use a lot of microfiber.  I might use a roll in a month?  We use them more as napkins and quick wipe ups.  Most of the actual cleaning it’s microfiber.  

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Re: Speaking of Paper Towels...

I do think people are going into a  hoarding pattern again.


Paper goods are not too easy to come by.


Can goods are very limited in grocery stores.


Each week we notice less and less of items.


Certain types of meats are not available and sometimes chicken is not easy to find.


Prices are going up and up.


So it begins all over again.


Hoping we all will survive the winter season.


What I dwell upon is the fuel costs to heat our homes.

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Re: Speaking of Paper Towels...

I can't find any paper towels in my area. I missed the last of them in Costco this week. I think that they are being grabbed up as preperation for another wave of Covid, flu season, and they are needed in schools. Wipes have been missing since the beginning of the pandemic never to be seen again.

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Re: Speaking of Paper Towels...

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I've been ordering paper towels from They usually have a limit of 1, but it is one of each type/brand. I ordered 2 different brands and got one of each. Same with TP.