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We have been cutting back more and more for years now. I will be buying fewer in quantity, and spending less money per person again this year.


We used to go way way way......overboard. With the exception of my 21 year old son, we all have most everything we want, so having to get more creative each year as well.


I enjoy gifting though, and have no plans of stopping totally, just getting more reasonable about it.

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Since my 3 granddaughters are older they get gift cards to shop and a few gifts to open. I reduced the amount from 250 to 150 (or 175 at most) for each 3 years ago. 


My daughter likes gift cards to shop also and so does my son in law. I also cut back on their amounts but they each have some gifts to open also,( in addition to gift cards).


My son who is getting married next year likes gifts more than gift cards. (He is a kid at heart). So I spend the same on him as my daughter (200 or less on each of my kids!), but get him more in gifts then gift cards.


My husbands family- he worries about and he shops after Thanksgiving when I am usually (He orders everything online for his family. I do help pick out some things).


At any rate I have cut back the past years. (And I no longer have any other family to buy for on "my side" other than kids, grandkids, son in law and future daughter in law because my parents are deceased. I have a brother but we dont buy for each other).


I do not buy for any friends, we all stopped that long ago!


Lastly speaking of Christmas in July on QVC, I spent enough. lol. I got a new tree, and a few other items from CIJ beginning of July and a few more this weekend (and only 1 is for a gift). And I wont be shopping on Q the rest of the year due to the bill and evil pays! (lol).

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Re: Speaking of CIJ

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@candys mine wrote:

Honestly, I am leaning more towards gift cards and an ornament type gift.  I used to go the thoughtful route but everything is so immediate these days that what people want they go right out and get.  Sad comment on the times or not,  it seems Money IS the thoughtful gift these days.

@candys mine I think you have summed up nicely the problem this day and age with choosing presents. I can't buy ahead because the person will have it by the time Christmas rolls around. And kids change their minds every time a new superhero movie comes out.

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I've said it before so bear with me. People no longer like gift cards  Regifting is popular so why spend time & money picking out a "perfect" gift.? Really cut back on my holiday spending.

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All my shopping is done! 




I was going to say I'm not even thinking about it but I guess I have. Since my sister and I need nothing we don't buy for ourselves, I'm thinking of talking to her about skipping the presents and doing a vacation.


I have a big b-day next year as does a very close relative, so we are planning on doing a family vacay to celebrate.  I'd like to use the money for that rather than x-mas gifts.