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Someone's got mad skillz...

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(special alert to @mistriTsquirrel)


Acrobatic squirrel does the SPLITS as it balances on the stalks of two flowers while foraging for food in Sweden


  • Amazing images show gymnast-like manoeuvres of the squirrel who is seen bending and stretching for food
  • The bushy-tailed critter stays upright by clenching onto the stems of two lupine flowers in a Swedish garden 
  • Photographer and squirrel enthusiast Geert Weggen captured the pictures of the rodent in stunning poses


They're known as the 'treetop acrobats' of the animal kingdom, but even these poses would startle most who admire the natural manoeuvres of the gymnast-like red squirrel.


Photographs taken in Sweden show a hungry little critter in Bispgarden who balanced between two lupine flowers in an attempt to reach out and grab its next meal. 


It looks as if the squirrel is performing the splits as it clings onto stalks with the claws of its feet. 


Reach for the stars! A red squirrel in Sweden tactfully balances itself on the stalks of two lupine flowers in Sweden as it stretches skywards to catch food
The bushy-tailed critters are known for their natural ability to manouvre between plants and trees in their surroundings
Just missed! The squirrel opens its hands to swat flies that are seen whizzing past as it remains perched between the flowers

The shots were captured by Geert Weggen, a photographer who has been taking squirrel pictures for five years.


'The squirrels are searching for food and in this case I hang some food in the air in a bucket above the lupine flowers,' said the 49-year-old. 


'These days, there are more than 12 wild red squirrels visiting my garden and I create scenes and sit mainly in my kitchen to photograph them.' 


The photographer hung food above the lupine flowers as the squirrel clambered onto the stems to try and grab its next meal
Stunning images show the acrobatic abilities of the squirrel as it stood with its tiny legs splayed between two flower stalks
These amazing snaps show an acrobatic red squirrel as it balances between two lupine flowers in Bispgarden in Sweden

Geert said that after so many years of working in squirrel photography he knows just how to capture the perfect squirrel shot.


He said: 'My favourite images are the ones where he jumps down and where he shows his fingers.


'I have really good luck with getting great detail in the frame.'


A snap of the squirrel as it thrusts itself further up the stalks of the two lupine flowers photographed in a garden in Sweden
The shots show how the rodent can stand upright on its two legs without using its hands for support  on the flowers
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Re: Someone's got mad skillz...

Awesome (and cute!).  Hope our squirrel friend sees these.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Someone's got mad skillz...

Sweet!  I sort of remember being that limber and nimble once upon a time!

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Re: Someone's got mad skillz...

Oh, so adorable!  Photo #8 looks like he/she is actually smiling.

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Re: Someone's got mad skillz...

Clearly this squirrel has been inspired by Miranda Esmonde-White's Classical Stretch videos.


Or it's just a bad case of Saturday Night Fever.

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Re: Someone's got mad skillz...


@feline groovy  Thanks for posting! 


Sure hope that squirrel managed to aged to grab a few nibbles.

All that work.


I was never that limber.

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Re: Someone's got mad skillz...

What a cutie!


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Re: Someone's got mad skillz...

@feline groovy  That little dude has got moves!

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Re: Someone's got mad skillz...


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Re: Someone's got mad skillz...

cute pictures of rats with bushy tails, as I call them.....I am battling these critters on a daily basis....they are really amazing getting into my "squirrel-proof" bird feeders!