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That wig looked terrible on looked too small for her head.I am surprised that she modeled it.
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No secret- I don't depend on my looks to put dinner on the table, but FOR ME, Sherri's wigs have been absolute life changers.
I'm never too impressed by compliments, but if people say "Please wear a wig all the time" I have to think that they're looking at an improvement.
I'm sure some of you who have lived a life looking lovely may feel differently than I do, but there are probably some of you who would also be very pleasantly surprised, as I have been.
I liked the short wig on Leah quite a bit. Iactually didn't recognize her for a mnute.
I like her regular hairstyle, but liked the wig too.
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Wanted to add- although wigs made of human hair are more expensive than synthetics, some people in the industry think they're actually a step above human hair models.
Sherri's wigs wash really well.
I have a small collection now including grays, my natural color, as well as blonds.
I've returned a few.
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Tuned in today 7/24/15 and caught the tail end of a wig presentation and saw that Pat had cut all of her hair off...or so I thought. I was shocked and saddened at first. Then I saw it was just a really short bob wig. Then I thought, wow, that made her look really old. Please don't put that on again. LOL

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I wasnt watching. But my friend has wigs because the entire top of her head is balding. She gets them locally and believe me they dont age her, she looks wonderful in them. Also it makes her confidence level rise because she is so upset that she is balding she wears a baseball cap around the house (in case anyone drops by).


Also they are wonderful for people who are going through chemotherapy. As a breast cancer survivor, I saw many people with beautiful wigs at the cancer center back then. (I had radiation no chemo so I didnt lose my hair) but for those who do, wigs help put a smile on their faces during a difficult time.

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Some wigs can look very artificial and to me that is when folks look closer at the person wearing it and notice the age. 

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Wendy Williams stated one day that she sells wigs and got some complaints about them looking phony and that her customers wanted theirs to look like those that she wears.  She looked into the camera and said, go get a talk show and then you can buy $3000 dollar wigs.  Wendy's wigs do look pretty good but I thought her comment was awfully snotty.... probably got lots of returns on her cheap ones.  



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Iman does the same thing-her wigs cost thousands-made with human hair, professionally cut and colored......................

the ones she sells look ok-but not always and on some look ridiculous.

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If you want to see how to make a wig look natural go to BlondieLocks on you tube and watch her video on the Jolie wig.  I have owned this wig and many others.  They look so much better when you tweek them just a little bit. This, to me, is the secret to wearing a wig without it looking "wiggy".