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Re: So many stores closing

In our area in Georgia, I don't believe it is the online shopping that is hurting mall shopping  so much as the outlet shopping malls.  tanger outlet malls have taken over in Georgia, and I see them all the way down to Orlando, Fla.. I find it amusing because although they say "outlet mall" there is nothing cheaper about the prices and they are nothing more than the old time shopping centers that I grew up with... just supposedly fancier stores.  It's definitely not a mall experience.

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Re: So many store closing

Of that list bebe (miss that store!!) is closed and Claires ( I rarely stopped in that store).  bebe (always lower case) was such a neat store.  Off the wall clothing, wild fashion jewelry. etc. Only for 25 and under. 


I think we still have a J Crew, but that store is always empty in the mall.  We didn't have too many Dillards around.  JC Penny survived here.  One reason is they carried the world's cheapest stuff around here. They were in big trouble for a while.  Now they're not.  Cheap always wins. Someone called them a glorified Goodwill.  Good description. Talbots the store so many here loved (hated that store) was in trouble, but has survived too.

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Re: So many stores closing

yep, we all order on line now.  

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Re: So many stores closing

i like Peebles and when I get to the town that takes an hour to get to, they closed it and are going to reopen as Gordmans.  Does anyone have and like Gordmans??