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Re: So frustrated with Frontier Communications.



You'll love this how these cable companies get exclusive rights.....this happened to my sister and another friend at 2 different apartment complexes....even with laws to prevent exclusive agreements between apartment complex owners and cable providers they found some loopholes to force people to have only one option for service....They got stuck with sister was going to move anyway so this was another reason to get it done and say good riddance to Spectrum!!! 


The other friend is fighting it out with her complex (losing cause) because if she stays with AT&T her rents going up $80 a month ....because the complex owner's revenue share is based on how many units sign up with if she doesnt sign up she gets to pay the owner 


I love my maverick cable company--- great service, wonderful selection of channels....even with my Ultra Tier Sports Pack $5 extra per month I pay only $131 triple play..........

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Re: So frustrated with Frontier Communications.

When Frontier first rolled out in California they were awful. I luckily only have them for my Internet service which has been OK.


They did manage to tick me off last month. I had a technical service problem. I called and they asked me for the code that is located at the top of my bill. I replied that I shred all of my bills, which I do because I pay my bills online through my bank. They could not help me. Are you kidding me??? They could not verify my identity. Ummm.. of all of the questions that you could ask me for verification purposes, because I do not have some random four digit code I am just out of luck for service/help.


I ended up calling Amazon, since it was a problem with my Internet/Firestick. Amazon understands customer service and they were able to help me.


When my bill came in  this month. I placed it in the junk drawer so that if I ever have to call back I will have the magical code.

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Re: So frustrated with Frontier Communications.



That would be your PIN number. They should also be able to use your DOB or the last four of your social, but very often Frontier's computer lists people's DOB as 1/1/1900 or 1/1/1910 and the last four of the social as 0000. Their computer does 'interesting' things with the records. They should have been able to help you with a tech problem anyway, as they can bypass verification to create a trouble ticket or tech support, but they can't make any changes to your account without first verifying your identity. Frontier does some maddening things.

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