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Re: So What Happens after YOU die?

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It's been less than a month since my DH passed after being in hospice care for 2 months.  His wishes were very clear, no viewing please, don't want people passing by my body remarking how good or bad I look.  He wanted to be cremated and said have a gathering in the home to celebrate my life and put a can of beer by my ashes.


So that's exactly what we did but added an apple next to the can because 2 days before he died he told me he would see me later - under the apple tree.  (we do not have an apple tree in our yard).  It was a very nice gathering, just family and friends paying tribute to a nice, kind man.


As for paperwork, everything is in both names so very little for me to do other than the obvious.  

Yes, a gathering to celebrate life. I don’t understand the use of the word “closure” for a meal following the service for a loved one. Closure from what?  It’s like “S/he’s gone, we can move on.”

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Re: So What Happens after YOU die?

I plan to be "moving on up".  Woman WinkWoman Very Happy

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Re: So What Happens after YOU die?

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In the event that I should ever die, I will not care what happens because I'll be dead.


My worry is about my husband. He does all the financial work and does it meticulously. That includes his business dealings. There is no way I won't be totally lost if HE should ever die. We both make financial decisions together, of course, but I know nothing about all the ins-and-outs of accounts and such, including taxes and more.


Every once in a while when I panic, I try to get him to go through it with me. But since I don't keep up regularly, it all evaporates from my mind. This is partially my lazy fault for not insisting to learn as much as I could. It's very scary to me.


I understand that there is such a thing as a daily money manager, and that might be one way to help in the beginning. One thing I do insist upon is that he keep me apprised of password and account changes.


This whole mortality thing is bad enough without all this.

@suzyQ3 Write everything down !! Knowing the accounts, passwords, etc is critical. You should be listed as a beneficiary on all those accounts  as well. 

@suzyQ3- at least know where all your records are. Prior year tax records are a necessity if you have to pay to have them filed for you and prior year returns are a good place to do a quick check to check to see what types documentation you've gotten in the past - also your return may ask for figures from your prior year return .  ALso, not all documentation will come by Jan 31 of each year so don't necessarily think bc you haven't gotten it by then it won't come bc brokerage houses often get extensions to get that info to you.  As someone who does my own and family's taxes, trust me amended returns are a pain to do and if you're using a paid preparer, it'll cost more money each time you have  to file an amendment.