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Re: Snowdonia in Wales

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I never got into Doctor Who.  Perhaps now I will.  How clever is that anagram?  I'm impressed.


I LOVED the actress who played Gwen.  Interestingly enough, the reason I started watching Orphan Black (which I'd never heard of) was because I saw a picture of that lead actress (Tatiana Maslany), and I mistook her for Eve Myles.  Naturally, I thought anything with Eve Myles has to be good.  

(And, as you know, Orphan Black exceeded all my expectations.)


I just remembered one of my sisters used to be married to a Welshman.  I'd forgotten because they are now long divorced, and unfortunately we are not a close family so I did not learn much about his background.


Eve Myles (Torchwood)

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Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black)Image result for tatiana maslany eve myles

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We had heard a lot about the coming of Orphan Black and waited anxiously for it to get to America.


Oh, how we loved that show, and became Tatiana's biggest fans.  She was up for awards and finally won an Emmy.


She was amazing, hard to believe it wasn't different young women she played.  I came to be a big fan of Helena.  The later shows of Helena and Alison's husband were classic.

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@Noel7Think they can say all that in one breath? I've always wanted to visit Wales. It looks to have a rugged, austere kind of natural beauty.  I'm done with Cities. Give me the wilds!

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@RainyDayGirl wrote:

We ran out of time before we got to Northern Wales. We only saw southern Wales and then caught the boat to Ireland. I have always regretted not seeing Snodonia as it is so much more beautiful in Northern Wales. I was NOT really impressed with Southern towns.



South Wales was built mostly on mining, which has basically disappeared now.  The people have suffered a downfall in the economy and are trying to make a comeback in the tech industry and TV programs like Torchwood.


North Wales used to be mostly farming and now also has good hospitals and universities.


The Welsh were repressed for a long time by the English, finally getting one member of Parliament some years ago which was the beginning of some change.  The English also tried to wipe out the Welsh language, but there was quite a rebellion there.

Yes, the Southern cities, particularly Swansea, were very depressed when we were there.