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Yes, Q's site is very slow today.  Maybe they're doing maintenance?  Or server problems?

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It's very slow.

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Yes, slow is right.  I have been dropped a couple time, because QVC is not responding.  Their service is really bad.  Yesterday at a certain time, it was almost impossible to participate in forums.  Also, the page kept moving up,  I would try to read a post and it forwarded to top of page,over and over... and forget trying to post.  It is slow right now.  Hopefully it will pick up.  But I doubt it.  I don't think the have anyone to take care of it on weekends, LOL!

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Yes, very slow...........and I'm 'sick and tired' of having to sign in so often...........Geeeees (whatever that means). (Unhappy kitty Cat Mad)

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@ROMARY wrote:

Yes, very slow...........and I'm 'sick and tired' of having to sign in so often...........Geeeees (whatever that means). (Unhappy kitty Cat Mad)

What an understatement about being slow and yes, Romary1, I've lost count on how many times I've had to sign in.

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Yes, and boy is it annoying!

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yes, pretty darn slow.......and i have also gotten the "forums closed for maintenance" page.

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Re: Site slow to respond

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I'll post basically what I said in the "Suggestion Box" thread about this problem:


Wow, this is dreadful.  It took over a minute (that's a long time!) for the forum to load after I clicked on "Suggestion Box" and I ended up with a time-out error.  I'm on an iMac (Yosemite) trying Firefox, Chrome and Safari (all current versions).

This is the first I've tried reading or posting today.  The slow response time renders the site nearly unusable.  They might as well shut it down and at least try some kind of troubleshooting and repair.


I see this has been reported all day yet nothing has been done about it.

Yoo-hoo, @QVC_Team@Community_Team@Keyai?  Why is a fix taking so long?






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I'm not having a problem. Maybe they got their toolbox out and fixed it lol!

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Terrible, but typical. I've told them repeatedly to get a new computer programmer company, but they don't listen. Like the new forum isn't bad enough.