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Are you having a problem today with the boards being very, very slow to respond to a click?   I sure am, so I'm just going to walk away from my Q site.

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Absolutely I am and it is very irritating.



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Thinking it was my computer running slow, I installed java and deleted all my history.  I was relieved to see your thread.

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I was blaming my internet until i saw this i can stop blaming it and will now sign out .

Too dang slow.

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Oh, good. It isn't just me!

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I thought it was my computer.  I'm glad I saw your post!

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They have made so many changes to the website lately, it is on QVC's end.  I questioned by thw Hearts were gone from items for me to put into collections.  They told me I needed to update Java, but they disappeared when they changed the home page. After I told them nothing was wrong with my computer and that I am computer savvy (worked IT for over 20 years), that I had cleaned cookies, etc. I finally gave up on them giving me an answer.  Ironically the next day the Hearts were back yet I had done nothing to change my computer.  Just like all corporations, they have someone making changes when changes don't necessarily need to be made.

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Yes it is painfully slow!!!

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Re: Site slow to respond

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It is jacked up today. Makes me crazy!


@QVC Community Team What's up with this impossibly slow site today??

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It seems to be picking up (hope that doesn't jinx us).  For a couple of hours it was as slow as molasses in January.

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