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I agree - think positive - the perfect job will come around.  I was laid off during the economy crash - I was a legal secretary for 30 plus years.  Thought - oh, I'll have no problem.  Six months of answering ads, going on interviews, even having people say, oh we'll start you on training, then no return call.  One job  interview I felt I aced, never to hear back.  The interviewer and I (I felt) got along great.  Then about 2 weeks before I would lose my benefits and felt all was lost, I couldn't sleep - I was stressed out.  I went on an interview with a school district, and a day later got a call from a law office.  I told myself, whoever calls first, I'll take the job (even though I knew the law office job would pay much more money).  Well, the law office called and made me an offer.  That evening, the school district called and told me I had the job.  I told her I had already accepted the law office job.  She said "Oh,we just loved you, I should have called you last night when I was thinking about it!"  Things work out the way they are supposed to.  Have faith!