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Re: Showing my age but coming alive!

@dulwich wrote:

One of our beautiful wineries is re-opening their events schedule  in August with great wine, delicious food and Billy Idol - then following events  featuring John Fogerty then next month Beachboys!


Yahoo gonna love every one of these shows.  Sitting on the grass, dancing on the grass, glass of wine and Billy - never seen him so very excited.


Seen Fogerty before and worked with the Beachboys years ago.  All us old rockers together at a beautiful winery with good company yahoo!  So good to have an outing to look forward to.

@dulwich Wow, sounds great!!!  What a great couple of events to look forward to.  Enjoy!  🍷🎼🎵🎶🏖🏄

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Re: Showing my age but coming alive!

@dulwich That sounds like a great time!  I like all of them and have seen them except for Billy Idol which would be a blast.   Enjoy it, what more can you ask for???  Great California wine and Billy Idol Smiley Happy    "Hey little sister what have you done?"