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Re: Shower drain smells bad/what can I do about it?

@RedTop wrote:

I put salt in my kitchen drain several times a week, and use peroxide in my bathroom drains daily.  Cheap solutions that take care of the odor causing drain sludge.   

@newjersey   Just salt alone?  Do you let it sit and then flush?


I am assuming you are using regular table salt.

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Re: Shower drain smells bad/what can I do about it?


I let the salt sit overnight undisturbed, and once we start using water the next morning it gets flushed away.   About 1/4 cup of regular table salt down each side of the sink.   

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Re: Shower drain smells bad/what can I do about it?

I have some of those cheapo do it yourself snake drains.  You get a coily thing and attach the handle which helps turn it once you place it down the drain.  And then you just pull it up out of the drain and you'll be amazed at the hair and gunk.  I actually ordered mine from the Q a couple years ago, but I've seen them in other places, cheaper than what I paid.  I think I got 3 or 4 of them in a box.  But they do work.


I never use bleach down a drain, but do use the baking soda/vinegar wash.  A plumber told me to once a week put a drop of Dawn down the drain and flush it with hot water.  The Dawn will cut the grease and the hot water will flush it out.  The blue Dawn.

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Re: Shower drain smells bad/what can I do about it?

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It could be the "Air Admittance Valve"...or "Studor Vent".


Look them up on's WAY easier than trying to explain what it is...


They are about 4-6 inches in length.Usually black or white.


If you GOOGLE Air Admittance Valve, you can read about how THEY are the source of odors in drains a lot of the time!!



Once you see what they look like, look for one piped into the piping (if you can SEE the pipes, say, in the basement) under the tub area. 


These valves admit air into the lines to keep sewer odor from backing into the living space. They are very simple, with just a diaphragm that operates the valve.




THey are usually just screwed in hand tight into the plumbing. You will NOT get wet if you unscrew the old one and put the new one one. They are ALWAYS located on TOP of any piping.


You do not need to turn off your water, power or anything.


Just do it!!


You will not be able to tell if the valve is broken or not. Just toss it. They are cheap enough that you can get a spare, ....they can last two months or twenty years.


Do you live in an older home? I have these in my plumbing and I replace them if/when there's an odor. They are also sometimes found under the kitchen sink in that piping too.


Just look on Amazon and then see if you have one in the piping in the drain system from your tub. ANYONE can replace these, no need to call a plumber!!!


You MAY have an OATEY valve ( see Amazon, Air Admittance Valve) they are CHEAP but they do not last as long as Studor products.


NOTE : these valves are in ADDITION to the vent that runs thru the roof...they are usually found on the specific piping to tubs, kitchen sinks, washer lines, etc. Odor under the kitchen sink is a great tip off that the Air Valve under the sink is faulty. 


This is EASY job for homeowner. I'm a 65 YO woman and I read about it and just did it!!!


You Tube has videos on HOW to remove the old one and install the new one!


I always say...."You do NOT need a (male organ) to do this type of job,....just some tools  and a little know how!!! "


***Of COURSE, clean the drain FIRST....but if you still are getting odor, especially if it smells like SEWER, look to the Air Admittance Valve!!!


You will NEVER bleach,salt,vinegar, etc away sewer odors coming up from a broken Air Admittance valve in the piping!!!


And if it IS a faulty valve, a new one will make the odor go away instantly. That's how you can tell it's working!!!


Hope this helps and good luck!


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Re: Shower drain smells bad/what can I do about it?

@newjersey   Yes I argee with others, bleach will work.

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Re: Shower drain smells bad/what can I do about it?

For drain  un plugging, some use pure lye,it is used in some soaps.

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Re: Shower drain smells bad/what can I do about it?

@newjersey wrote:

Is there something I can use to get rid of the smell? Thank you.

@newjersey Try HSN's Professor Amos Drain Powder.  It works wonders on my drain.  I use it every few months.