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Wow, sounds like it was a fun day and sounds like you saved a lot of money. Lucky you.

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Awesome!  I am so jealous!  I always loved shopping at JCP.  Ours closed down last year.  I miss it so much.  Especially at this time of the year.  It was such fun to shop there and see people of all ages out and about.  I used to get the best buys there and they always treated you so well with coupons, and sales.  And all the cashiers had been there forever and were so sweet.


And your husband sounds like mine -- he just doesn't enjoy shopping at all.  So, now that he had a pleasant experience -- maybe he will want to go to JCP -- again!!!!  

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I went to Penney's a few weeks ago for the first time in years. I was shocked how well stocked and what nice merchandise they had. 

They had the nicest selection of kids clothes that I have seen in years. In fact my husband wanted to buy a kids sweater. We couldn't think of any kid that size so we passed  on buying it but we went by the sweater 2 Xs just to look at it. 

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I remember a few years ago JC Penney tried to revamp its image to be hip and happening.  Big failure! Now they have returned to their roots, and I love shopping there. Great merchandise, clean stores (at least in my neck of the woods) and wonderful bargains. My JCP charge card is smokin'!

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The JCP near me closed in the last year or so.  I still get their promotions in the mail, but am not about to drive an hour or more to save a few dollars.  The in-store environment may have improved but it's not that good!

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I never really go to our mall here, but two weeks ago,i saw all the sales pennys were having, so i went there ,i was surprised at what good deals.

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Re: Shopping at Penney's

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I love Penney's.  Since they brought their coupons back, it's my go to store.  How can you beat their tee shirts for around $7.99 (or less when they have doorbusters).  And I like their Home Dept, too.  I've bought valances and sheers, towels, and bedding from there. 


Oh, and I forgot to add, Mr Smoky needs larger sizes and JCPenney has a great big and tall dept.  I buy most of his stuff there, too.

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Our Penny's is a small store and doesn't have a Sephora (Whaaaat??).... I do miss the Sephora department.  When they went to their "one price, no sales" people dropped off like bad paint.  The department became very empty, which just exaggerated the problem.  My DH really enjoyed their big/tall department and we found nothing, especially the Tall sizes.  It's getting a little better now, but it is one of the last departments to come back to life.  And we've noticed that their own brands are cheaply made and don't hold up.,.....


Other than that, the other departments are doing very well and the store is just packed with merchandise.  It'll do well here....  Woman LOL

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I never stopped shopping at JCP during that Apple exec fiasco.


People like coupons and sales and fortunately for JCP, they got rid of the Apple exec before the entire store tanked.

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