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Did anyone notice that Erin is back as a host on Shop HQ? I was flipping channels and I just saw her selling Donna Salyers furs. I always liked her on Wake Up In Style. 

Sorry if I'm late to the party and missed this discussion.

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Can't watch her, she talks like she has spit in her mouth and her face is so frozen.

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She's been back for a few months.  I like her and used to watch Wake Up in Style regularly.


I also note that the model Jamie who used to be on ShopHQ is now a model for QVC.  

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Who is HER......

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I always watched Erin with Wake Up In Style, I really like her and her style.  Also, really like Jamie the model she is so pretty and has a beautiful smile.  I remember when she left ShopHQ and I was sad, so glad QVC hired her.

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Erin Newburg is her name.