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Does anyone else think Jane should wear some type of sock when she's trying on all those shoes?  Remember back in the 60's-we had to put on a little pedi-sock when trying on shoes?!

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Intersting thought. Most shoe stores provide some sort of foot covering for you when you try on shoes. 

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It doesn't bother me.  Most of the time the models don't appear to be wearing a sock or pedi sock, so I don't see why the host should wear socks if the models aren't.

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it would not show the shoes to their best advantage to have bits of a footlet peeking out.  Many shoes have open toes; that would really be unattractive

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I understand it might not be the most attractive way to sell shoes-but what about simple hygiene..........

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I am thinking of getting this purse from the show. Does anyone have this one?



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I was surprised at first .
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They are here to show the shoes in the best possible light, so ladies will want to buy them.

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That doesn't seem necessary.  I would assume that she doesn't have cooties.  Does anyone know what they do with the shoes the hosts and models wear?  Do they sell them as pristine and new?

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The sock thing doesn't bother me, but I definitely think she should mention the name of the show more often so we don't forget it.smug

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