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People are constantly complaining that their packages sit for days in a post office in Swedesboro, NJ, with no movement.  Swedesboro seems to be not a post office but the "shipping partner's" facility.


I had 4 clothing packages delivered today by USPS.  As recently as yesterday they showed they were at Swedesboro, yet they miraculously appeared in my mailbox today.


Moral of the story: Ignore the Swedesboro location on your packages' tracking because they aren't there.

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How could I not agree??   I often receive packages a day or two before I get an email that they are being shipped.  A couple of days ago I got two packages, ordered on different dates, both arrived before they were shipped??????????


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If it's coming USPS, I usually don't bother checking tracking.  It always shows up crammed in the mailbox.