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I am so disgusted with QVC's poor shipping that after these last 2 items are shipped I will not order from them anymore.  These two items never get shipped.  I have contacted the social team twice and still no movement.  I have no trobule with department stores my orders arrive within 4 days from them.  Why is QVC so slow?  

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I have orders that have not shipped yet and they were ordered at least a week ago. I have also had orders go past my city to another city then back to my local post office days later.  I have gotten emails from QVC and HSN that shipping has been delayed but no reason given. Some say the order was received by my post office but it still sits there for up to 5-6 days before it's out for delivery.  Crazy !

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With the pandemic there are widespread shipping issues.  The larger the company, the more issues.  Shipping companies are stretched thin with little to no time to effectively train new employees so there are many errors and then consider employees testing positive which cuts down considerably in employees in some areas.  QVC has several warehouses and many items ship direct from vendors.  My regular UPS guy told me that UPS often cannot pick up all orders from a warehouse due to the much higher volume of orders now with certain things being given priority and that really slows down everything causing many delays.  Then if unable to deliver all orders  by a certain time they go back to the depot and taken off the trucks causing more issues and often misplaced packages.  I don't blame anyone considering the circumstances.  Patience is needed now by everyone.  I'm sure it's the same with USPS.

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I have orders just sitting in "perparing your order".....


I'm done ordering......these things were for me.

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@I am appleblossom 


If you have had no problems with shipping then you are one lucky shopper!


I have orders from MANY places that are delayed.  Placed an order w/ Ulta 2 weeks ago and it hasn't even shipped yet and that is just one order still in process.


Amz took almost 10 days...and on and on...


While QVC has always been slow, we know this, you can't blame them for issues once it leaves their hands. 

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Same with my walmart order was  to be delivered  on " Nov.27,"by UPS

then a delayed notice,

  then posted onDec 02,nope!


then  another delayed notice,

  UPS pick up to be deliveredDec.06  nope!


 now delivery date now is Dec.9th !??


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I've ordered from Land's End, Bath& Body Works, Target, and Amazon in the last few weeks.  The deliveries have been very quick...maybe 3 days instead of 2 days, but NOTHING like QVC. I've given up on QVC.

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Four days from a department store? How incredible, someone must have a charmed life. Last time I placed an order with a major department store was about three months ago, before the crunch. Took 10 days for part of the order to arrive.  The rest came about four days after that. 

I read these complaints and wonder whether people watch, read, or listen to local or national news, because the late shipping warnings have been out there for months.

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Re: Shipping Problems

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I ordered a product that was shipped via USPS.  Big mistake....That was on November 17th.  I still haven't received it.  Just today I was notified that the package (pretty heavy 24 bottles of diet Snapple) has been lost.  This was ordered via 3rd party at Amazon.  Meanwhile Amazon has credited me back.  They did this right away.  I'll just have to avoid that 3rd party company in future.

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Shipping  is slow for most every one, we been told to expect this.

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