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Re: Shingles shot...anyone get it?

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My hubby got it but I am not going to........Had a school friend die from a reaction to a flu shot. 



According to the Washington Post, GSK's "HZ/su" vaccine reduced the risk of shingles by more than 97 percent in adults 50 and older


I can't find anywhere on Google that you can die from a shingles shot so I am not sure why you equated a flu shot to your refusal to get vaccinated for shingles... 


But, according to the NHS in the UK,  if you get shingles, 1) you can get encephalitis which you can die from, or be stricken with 2) postherpetic neuralgia (also called PHN which can affect you for the rest of your life), 3) opthalmic singles which can blind you 4) Ramsay Hunt syndrome which affects the nerves in the head (hearing loss, etc).


Shingles is rarely life threatening, but complications such as those mentioned above mean that around 1 in every 1,000 cases in adults over the age of 70 is fatal. 




I suffered with shingles a few years ago, and had it on the left side of my face and in my eye, almost lost sight in my left eye.


I suffer with PHN from having shingles.


I went to the ER 3 days in a row with it, I was suffering so bad.

The 3rd day they gave me percocete and I could finally eat a little bit and get a little relief from the horrible pain.


I wondered since I had shingles if I had immunity from it, so I asked my Doctor about this, she didn't know and she didn't know if should get the shingle shot or not.


I wonder if I should get the shot if I already had shingles?

My Doctor did not seem to be concerned about it when I asked her.


I hope and pray I never suffer like that again.


Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.




 Yes...if you have had shingles once, you CAN get it again.  You should get vaccinated.



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Re: Shingles shot...anyone get it?

I got it and it made my day when I did.  The person who gave it didn't think I was old enough to get it! (I certainly was at the time, and I'm older now!).   No reaction at all.  It's a really good idea to get it.  I was warned that many insurance companies don't pay for it but mine paid the entire cost.


Did you have chicken pox?  I'm not sure you need to get it if you've never had chicken pox.

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Re: Shingles shot...anyone get it?

My arm itched a bit for a couple of days.  Not really much.

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