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Re: Shawn and Joe have adopted a little girl. Aww!

@Clipped B wrote:

Nothing in the world is better than a baby, no matter how they get here. God always gives us the child perfect for us to love. I was 41, and 27 years later he has been the perfect child for us. Pure joy still.  I not only went without showers, even my ever present tooth brush didn't get as much of a workout so JUDGE THAT! It is all worth it, and the world still turned....albeit way too fast!  I hardly put him down, cause I couldn't get enough. You will never sleep soundly again, and what once was important fades away by comparison to the hardest job you'll ever LOVE!  Count it all joy, and much congrats.

@Clipped B - What a beautiful, heartfelt testimony to the love you have for your son. He is very lucky to have a mom like you! (Mine is 22, and I don't know where the years went!) Smiley Happy