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I think Sharon is adorable and most clothing looks great on her!  I think her hair is cute too!



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Love her hair!!  IMO it looks much better than that longer "hairdo" she used to sport.

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I think that style in the photo is very cute. 

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with her hair.

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The style in the photo is adorable. 


Where are there pieces sticking out everywhere?

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Sharon is adorable and one of the few hosts on QVC that I don't turn the channel when presenting. Her hair is current, pretty and flattering to her small frame.. 

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If that's the photo there is nothing wrong with her hair.  It certainly isn't sticking up or spikey.  ???  Looks cute and absolutely fine on her.

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All I can say is "OMG"...........what's next????

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This post has been removed by QVC because it is unkind

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Her hair makes her look matronly !!!!!!!!!