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Seriously, what should be put on a wedding gift registry.

My DD and soon to be SIL are getting married next fall. They have put up a gift registry, and frankly, it looks a little scarce. My DH sort of shook his head and said "boring." Granted they both have their own places, but their stuff is let's just say second hand. I know they want to complete a dish set. My DH and I are good for that. I also bought her one of those very nice Artisan mixers. Any suggestions? What have you seen on gift registries or things you found useful in your home. I don't want to push. I just want to give her suggestions, and leave it at that. She's a wonderful child, a pure joy to raise. I want her and her soon to be husband to have a good start in their married life. Thanks in advance. When DH and I got married, we didn't have a wedding registry, so I have no clue.