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Selling parents home...any realtors or attorneys out there?

hoping someone can give me some information here...our family home is going on the market since my mom passed and dad has been placed in a nursing home. My oldest sister who is POA is removing everything from the home and taking it to her home, she has listed the house and is not giving the rest of us any information such as asking price,etc nor are we allowed by her to be involved in anyway with it. I, along with my other 3 siblings are in the family trust and the family home was put into the trust years seems to me that I, the other 3 siblings, should have opinions, know what's being taken out of the house,etc...shouldn't we be signing the listing papers,etc. too since we are each 1/5 owners and have been for years?? I called a few elder attorneys but getting them to call back has been like pulling teeth{#emotions_dlg.thumbdown}...anyone out there ever dealt with this or know legally what she can and cannot do? I'm ashamed to say she has been a bit shady in the past and did not come upon her POA authority honestly..