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Sellers Alert....Sold to Ship to

Had a customer order come through my website for a bill to (gentleman in Ohio) and ship to (gentleman in Sweden). Credit card is good, all the information posted with the card number, exp. date, and 3 digit code. Just a little suspect since I normally don't process bill to ship to orders. Called the phone number referenced to confirm the web order and it was a tavern! Called my credit card processing company (they can't tell you much) but referred me to a bank which could verify the all matched for the buyer. Took it one step further and asked for the bank that issued the card.

Spoke to the bank yesterday, looks like this gentleman has various small charges (mine would of been around $200) put on this card that would be "considered suspect"....I found out that yes, the card holder can refuse the charge and if I did the charge and send, I probably would of been out $200.

Please review your credit card statement and question any charges (no matter how much) may be billed to you...right now, looks like this guy's credit card info has been stolen and being used out in the cyberworld.