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Re: Secret Santa Gift Help Please

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Check out the Beekman products. They have some sets that you can split up into several gifts. Also, check out the Muk Luk cabin socks on QVC - they are adorable.Smiley Happy

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Re: Secret Santa Gift Help Please

We are all blessed to have so much . Make a donation in her name to a cause that needs the help and there are so many. I have informed my famiy and friends that no gifts this year . I donate all year and now this time of year is no different . 

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Re: Secret Santa Gift Help Please

@ThinkingOutLoud wrote:

My first thought - stick with the $10 suggestion (it's awkward

when some go above the recommended amount).

From your list - I'd go with the socks.

i would try to stick as close as possible to the $10 suggestion.  i used to have a friend, who did this all the time. There would be a $ limit, and she would always want to go over.  it's awkward when everyone has a $10 gift, and you give a $20 gift. resist the urge.  it's better to see how creative you can get with the set amount.

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Re: Secret Santa Gift Help Please



Are "cabin socks" thick heavy weight socks ... or something else?   Do you know if the person is male or female?   

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Re: Secret Santa Gift Help Please

Get what they would love since you know the person. 


Personally, there's only one brand of sock I can wear comfortably.Smiley Happy

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Re: Secret Santa Gift Help Please

Thanks, everyone!  I am thinking that I have a few things in my gift supply that I can wrap and mail.  As usual, I was overthinking this. I appreciate all of your comments and suggestions.

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Re: Secret Santa Gift Help Please

If the stated limit is $10, do not spend more than $10.


Your ideas are fine.  Choose the one you prefer, but limited to $10.

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Re: Secret Santa Gift Help Please

@SXMGirl Lucky you having self-check outs.  Our Costco in CT does not.  We have to suck it up and wait our turn.  


With your giftee teaching a couple of classes, make sure the "water" bottle has something stronger than water in it!!! 

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Re: Secret Santa Gift Help Please

I never did those, but mailing things can cost a lot.  

Handkerchiefs or some cloth, even a scarf.  Things just cost so much now.  Good luck.

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Re: Secret Santa Gift Help Please

@SXMGirl wrote:

@coffee drinker  I was at Costco today and did not know about this secret santa thing until late this afternoon.  While getting in and out of our Costco is not that easy as Delaware seems to be a permanent construction zone, today I used the self checkout and it was so easy.  As long as I do not do more shopping, I can be in and out in just a few minutes.  I really want to get this gift mailed this week since I have no idea if it is a one and done or if I will need other gifts.  I have no idea why I get myself into these things.  


Just to clarify:  This is not work related since I am retired.  The person who was selected for me is one of the directors at the Y.  I have known her for many years, but we do not socialize, except at Y functions.  This secret santa thing was put together by a former Y worker and it is all online.


Because my giftee, for lack of a better word, does teach a class or two, I was thinking of the water bottle.

@SXMGirl  I too was in that same Costco yesterday. You are right about it being a permanent construction zone. Anyway I saw something that would make a great gift for someone who cooks. In the area where they have cooking oils there is a three pack of infused oils, something you may not buy for yourself. The regular price was $8. and marked it down to $6 something. It would make a great hostess gift or secret santa.

Be on the lookout for the new Trader Joe's in that area....more traffic.