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Re: Second opinion-would you get one if

I was diagnosed last year with MS and did get a second opinion. Most peole don't realize that diagnosing MS is more a process of eliminating other possiible health conditions. There is no single test that determines whether a person has MS. Most doctors use a combination of blood tests (to rule out other conditions), MRIs of the brain/neck/spine and a lumbar puncture.

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Re: Second opinion-would you get one if

Absolutely. I also get second opinions if a doctor recommends surgery which I'm thankful I did because I've gone years now without needing them and, at least regarding the back, I've read and heard so many horror stories about the surgeries and so many never help anyway and some made things worse. Always always get a second opinion!!

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Re: Second opinion-would you get one if

@Lipstickdiva wrote:

To answer the question, yes I would but what do you do if you get a conflicting opinion?  What if you go for a third opinion and that one is different from the other 2?    

I think this happens often. People get different doctors who either diagnosis differently or suggest different methods of treatment for the same diagnosis. Then it is time to get online and read all you can, try to find any support groups for the illness or disease and talk to people who have walked the path, and pray.


At some point you have to go with your gut feeling and choose a plan. It isn't always easy.

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Re: Second opinion-would you get one if

I have always believed in second opinions.


When I was in my 30's I had a cancer diagnosis and I went for three opinions before proceeding with treatment.

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Re: Second opinion-would you get one if

@MyGirlsMom wrote:

@KathyPet wrote:

you were diagnosed with a very serious illness?  I was watching a news segment tonight about several woman who were told by this one doctor who was a neurology specialist that they had MS.  In each case he put them on a very expensive medication.  Some of them made drastic life changes like quitting their jobs, making extensive modifications to their homes to make them wheel chair accessible.  Evidently none of these woman got a second opinion.  As it turned out none of them had these illnesses.  Would you have gotten a second opinion for such a serious  diagnosis?