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Re: 😲🛴Scooter on the Interstate!

I don't understand why cities allow and even encourage the use of these scooters.  They are nothing but trouble for police, motorists, and pedestrians.  The scooter companies are the only ones to benefit.  They just recently came to Albuquerque and the  very first week, they arrested a woman for DUI while riding one going the wrong way downtown.  The have no business on the streets, darting in and out of traffic and are much too hazardous to pedestrians to be on sidewalks.  I don't understand why they even exist.  They re nothing but trouble.


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Re: 😲🛴Scooter on the Interstate!

As Debra Barone would say....idiot!

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Re: 😲🛴Scooter on the Interstate!

I saw this on Instagram. How crazy! 

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Re: 😲🛴Scooter on the Interstate!

@sidsmom wrote:

(warning: one expletive :43 mark....just turn down the sound)


Everyone is saying,

“HOW in the devil did he get in the LEFT lane of a

6-lane RUSH hour?’


Ludicrous? Of course!

Condone? Heavens no!


I-35 (‘Stemmons’ for us Dallasites) is a 6-lane highway used by

many, many semis & large commercial vehicles...going at 75mph!

This is one of those crazy things where I want to look away but

oddly fascinated what his frame of mind would be!!

He was looking over his shoulder when making lane changes,

so we have to give him a little cred for that!  Funny stuff😆





Sidsmom, I white knuckle it when driving on Stemmons, so many semis and crazy drivers.  I'm just happy I wasn't in the area when that nut job cut across traffic doing 15 mph.  Takes all kinds 

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