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Scary cat moment - anyone ever had this happen?

Had a terrifying moment with one of my cats this weekend.

I have 3, they get dry food once a day (Blue Buffalo) and canned at the other feeding. They were just starting to eat the dry, when my one male - Aja, suddenly made a weird noise. (I was in the kitchen with them). He quit eating, kind of jerked his head, and then nothing else. Not a sound. I knew something was up - his body posture changed. He put his body low to the ground and his head and neck was kind of stretched out and very low to the ground also. I walked up to him, said his name, and nothing, no response. He moved under the kitchen table, still keeping the same posture and not making any sound. I called my friend, who was in the other room and said to come quick - something wasn't right, I thought Aja was choking - something was stuck in his throat. I truly don't believe he was able to breathe. My guy came in the room, I was beginning to panic, and he said just leave him be a minute - don't get upset - let him try and get it out. Aja all of a sudden made a jerking motion, and out popped a couple of pieces of dry food and a bit of phlem. Thank God. I was able to calm myself, I stroked him a few times, and like any animal - he went back to the food dish and finished eating, lol. About ten minutes later he was rolling all over the floor on a catnip toy - having survived his near-death experience. I still don't believe he was able to breathe and it was horrible frightening. What do you do if this happens? Is there a heimlech for pets? I wondered if I would have to pick him up and swing him like they do a newborn animal to get it to breathe. I'm going to go on-line, and maybe call the vet and see what to do if this happens again.