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I liked the show, because I like Shawn and Cort, but I felt they needed more product, for such a lengthy show.  Most of the items they did have had already been on earlier in the week. So they were struggling to fill in the time.  


@Georgiagrama  Don't cast shade on the socks.  I put them on, dance around my house and wah-la, I don't have to vacuum the dog hair up.   

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I watched the first 10 minutes then had to change the channel

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Re: Saving Christmas

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I was  hoping it could be saved without Court.

I was hoping it would be hosted by grownups.


Oh, I know!  The pajama parties are cute, but only once in a while. I'd prefer to see more gift worthy items, less partying. 


The "sitcom programing" seems to be quite popular though.



They couldnt take the Berkshire angel throw out of the package so it could be properly presented and the design could be shown (not visible on the website either), but they could make calls to Santa about SK wanting to apply for internship with him.......  and they never did present those two Christmas signs by the couch...but had plenty of time to giggle about the wine drinking (I know QVC sells it but come on it was like two teenagers sneaking into their parents liquor cabinet ).... 


Yep, QVC is a "sticom wannabe".....who cares if they sell merchandise....  I know I can turn the channel, but I was interested in a couple of the products that were in the show, so I stayed tuned hoping to hear some product information since the website didnt answer all the questions I had, but the show's emphasis seemed to be more on the hosts....  Woman Frustrated  and they lost themselves some sales.....

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