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I've toured Savannah and it is really great.  We were only there for part of one day.  I would recomend a day to Georgia's islands.  One in particular. Jekyll Island.  You can tour the place and see where the federal reserve was created.  Many of the creators homes  are there for you to look into and it was very cool.

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  Thank you! Parking garages I will search out before my next trip.


  I was on what ended up being a solo 14 hour driving trip (with rest/bakery stops) and I was just proud to attempt it. I got in and out as fast as possible from necessity from I-95, it's a wonderful looking town.  I'm more used to, and was focused on, street parking. I might have passed a garage I'm not sure.


 I've wanted to do a tour/look at shops but wasn't sure where to park either. I'm always short on time and trying to cram things in driving between Fl and VA. (my dd in the Navy.)


 I mostly get lost everywhere but am really good at driving on highways. Smiley Happy