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Hand sanitizer has been difficult to find in Canada since January. I have seen it in stores only a few times. But now things are getting a bit better. London Drugs has the La Roche Posay version (which is new and made in Canada) for $6.99 a bottle with a limit of 2 per purchase.


As to face masks, I haven't seen any disposable face masks of any kind for sale at drug stores since January. I bought some dust masks early in February at Dollarama. I have made my own face masks and like the ones where I used a free pattern linked to Leah Day's youtube channel. I've sewn 8 masks out of new cotton pillowcases and hairband elastic and gave one to my mom and two to my husband and kept 4 of them and have 1 extra in case my daughter wants it.

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@hopi wrote:

Consider this stuff in stores was .99 cents about March 16th it lets you know how many people are getting weathly off this crisis and the amount of hoarders .

I was actually just thinking about this the other day--how you could just easily find the hand sanitizer when you needed it, and how you could find it in different forms.


I like using it in the small packets, like the wet wipes. I can put some in my purse and in the car for my husband to have there, too.


I prefer those as they don't seem to be as drying to my hands.


Anyway, I haven't been able to find anything like those now.


I'm just glad that there seems to be more liquid hand sanitizer choices out there now than there was a few weeks ago. Smiley Happy