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I wont buy any health itrems or supplements from SHQ, they always charge tax and here in MD we dont pay tax on these items. I have contacted them numerous times and they act like they have no clue what I am talking about. 

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@Kachina624 wrote:

@TW    Why, oh why do people still do business with ShopHQ?  They're famous for pulling all sorts of unethical, under-handed tricks.  Sales tax is minor compared to some things they've done.  


Run, don't walk, away. 

True.  I like Isomers.  I recently noticed Amazon has limited offers.  The only other option is to order directly from Isomers in Canada.

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Sometimes I wish they would get my sales tax wrong. I have to pay massive sales tax on everything, including food and clothing, because I live in TN.

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@TW After reading a couple of posts on the Beauty forum I wonder why anyone shops with these crooks.

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@TW Shipping per item is Q's policy. You don't have to pay it, just don't order. Easy.

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I watched that channel for years but they always seemed a bit questionable to me.  One day they had an item that was a really good price so I took a chance and bought it.


In my state, if the shipping is listed as a separate line item on the order/invoice it is not taxable.  You are taxed only on the item.  I was charged tax on the shipping as well as on the item so I contacted them but they refused to return the incorrect tax money I was charged.  I even sent them a copy of my state's tax laws but they still refused.   


OK, so now this means war as it's a matter of principle!  I contacted BBB with all the info and a copy of my state's tax laws.  I got my refund!  I don't know how that shopping channel is still in business.    


On an unrelated note, one day they had a show with an in house audience the way QVC used to do.  I had to laugh when they panned the audience that consisted of about 10 folding chairs and 5 people!  Why they would even embarrass themselves by showing that is beyond me??  :smileyhappy:


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True ..... thanks for correction!   But it doesn't apply to the entire state - just NYC.


New York City has the state’s highest tax rates at 8.875%. Common goods that are exempt from sales tax include groceries and clothing or footwear that cost less than $110. New York City has its own rules, though. It charges a sales tax on some services that the state doesn’t tax.


I do live NYC.




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Boy I am so happy to live in a state that does not have a sales tax.

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@Porcelain wrote:

Sometimes I wish they would get my sales tax wrong. I have to pay massive sales tax on everything, including food and clothing, because I live in TN.



Tennessee has no state income tax, as far as I remember (only lived there for short period). In that case,  I would consider higher sales tax a good trade-off. 



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We live in a township in one county, but our mailing address is a city in the neighboring county - two different sales tax percentages.  Thankfully, QVC gets it right (ours is less).  But there is one place I buy from that gets it wrong, and I have to go back after the purchase and argue to get the difference back.

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