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Hello everyone -


I'm new to this qvc community room.  Who was cardinal gir and what happened to her?

Thank you for responding.




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@SweetWood Max wrote:

Hello all,


Not sure if any of you remember me.  I've taken years off from here, and was rather surprised at all the changes.


Sadly, I wanted to post to let you all know that our beloved Cardinal girl has passed away.  We were friends away from this site. Unfortunately she has lost her battle with cancer.

The world has lost a beautiful, loving, gracious woman.  I thought you all would like to know this sad news and remember her wonderful posts about decorating.  She had so many great qualities.   She will be missed for sure.






So sorry to hear that @SweetWood MaxWoman Sad She was a sweet woman on the boards. Sorry for your loss of a friend. Condolences to you and her family.

Wishing you well.

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I remember her and you well. I am so sorry to hear of her passing and that you lost a friend. My thoughts go out to all who loved her. This makes me really sad.

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@bri20 wrote:

@CelticCrafter wrote:

@bri20 wrote:

@SweetWood Max, thank you for letting us know.  I remember you fondly 


I am am so sorry to hear of Cardinal Girl's passing.  I'm

 sure her family is devastated.  She spoke about them often.  


I rememeber when she received her diagnosis and how upbeat and positive she was about everything.  


I am saddened by this news.  Smiley Sad

That's what I remember about her.

She lived a very full life - loved entertaining, loved her family and friends, loved her home.  She didn't let her illness define her.



This is also what I remember about her as well.  I remember thinking I could only hope to have half as much grace and positivity as she did if I ever have to face such an illness.


I hadn't seen her posting in a long time and somehow missed her posts back in August.  I had no idea she was ill again.   

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I remember Cardinal Girl. She seemed like a very pleasant poster. RIP, Cardinal Girl.

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This thread came as a complete shock.


I admired Cardinal Girl for a number of reasons.  She adored her family.  She had the decorating gene I struggle without.  She was strong in her beliefs and opinions.


I remember her post about her pain from scar tissue but did not know her cancer had returned.


She will be missed terribly by so many.  After the initial shock of her passing, I hope they find comfort in knowing she is no longer in pain, and in all the memories she has given them.

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I wasn't privileged to have known her, but I hope she rests in peace! God bless you, as well!

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Shocking news.  I'm so sorry.  She was a talented decorator, and so good to her grandchldren.  Her family must be devastated.

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You were always a gracious lady, and you will be missed here. Another Angel looking downon us all.HeartHeart\\mm

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She was a longtime poster. Sad news indeed.

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