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SURVIVOR 3/2 (spoilers possible and very likely)

********Spoiler******* - don't read if you haven't watched latest episode!!!

OMG, what a surprise tonight! Did you ever think Russell would get voted off in the 3rd episode. He is totally beatable by Matt in the duel next week. Just think he could be off this season for good!

And, of course, Rob saw right through the other team. He knows they threw the challenge. They gave up a very good reward to get the chance to vote off Russell. I like the other guys on the purple (can't remember the name) tribe.

As far as Rob's tribe goes, I'm glad to see he reaiizes that he needs to find the idol and not rely on his game playing skill to make it through. Matt's little friend (Andrea ?) is going to have false hopes of him coming back but it's a long time to the merge with a lot of duels to fight. Wouldn't it be funny if she was sent to RI next week and then had to Duel either Matt or Russell?