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Re: STOP Talking!

@Jinlei wrote:
Alberto and Rachel are really being loud today. What is the reason for it? It is annoying. I could only watch 10 minutes and I turned the channel. They are making me sick with all that gross food.


     I agree!  Watched for awhile, but the show today was a channel changer!  I usually like Alberti, except when he is so dramatic over Valerie's items.  But I do not like Rachel's presentations and hardly will watch any of her shows!!


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Re: STOP Talking!

If QVC's sales continue to decline, they better listen.
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Re: STOP Talking!

Some are OK, some are not, and some are,

well should I dare say ... wayyyy too much!


Hosts need to quit talking so loud, fast and nonstop. Completely unnecessary.


If this is in their training, and expected of them - then Q really needs to rethink their idea of what a host needs to do and say to sell and not be so freaking annoying all the time.


Most people dislike people that are pushy, irratating and rude.

People don’t put up with much anymore. They don’t have to.


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Re: STOP Talking!

I wonder since the hosts are 'graded' on their sales, how does it work if there are two hosts for one they have to 'share' the sales numbers?

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Re: STOP Talking!

I don't watch anymore because of TALKING about nothing.  I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE PRODUCT... CANNOT TOUCH IT, TRY IT ON...TASTE IT IF APPROPRIATE.  

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Re: STOP Talking!

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There's one female host who obviously never got to talk when growing up so she now talks non-stop.  The only breaths she takes are loud, long gasps as if someone just brought out the hope diamond.  One has to wonder if her husband and children ever get a word in edgewise or if she's completely mute once off camera.  She has endless stories about all activities of herself and her family which she somehow thinks are relevant while viewers take a nap.  There's probably no amount of money to get her to be silent for 15 minutes.

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Re: STOP Talking!


I observe that Shawn talks nonstop about ..pretty much nothing.  She does not give any product information.  She is busy however nattering and blathering about personal details and coming forth with inane comments and questions.   She gets lots of hours on air.  I guess QVC loves her.

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Re: STOP Talking!

Maggie Nolia.....I know....and, I agree!
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Re: STOP Talking!

On my tv remote:  I sometimes use the CC setting option that says' CC When on Mute'

.   Then I click on Mute.


That way, I can read all of the important facts, and order whatever I like.


I missed the shows that this thread is describing.


I've always enjoyed Alberti and the others mentioned, though.


People do seem to talk faster on tv now-a-days.


Listening to Brooke Shields is always very refreshing.  Nice styles, too.  Loved her show today. 


'More or less', 'Right or wrong', 'In general', and 'Just thinking out loud ' (as usual).
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Re: STOP Talking!

I think they might need to be reminded every once in awhile to


W A I T 


which is a reminder to oneself...... Why Am I Talking?




......You look like I need a drink.....